Christmas at Montessori Garden Nursery School

Our Christmas party kicked off with our Christmas tea tastefully prepared by our wonderful nutritionist putting fresh traditional roast on our tables. The children enjoyed helping to set up the table and the feast was entertained by traditional Christmas crackers. Our marvelous parents generously prepared dishes from their homes for everyone to share and enjoy [...]

Bonfire 2016

At Montessori Garden Nursery School we celebrated bonfire! During the day the children reproduced fireworks with paint, glitter and toilet roll stamps with surprising results! The children's creativity did not stop there, they also used coloured pieces of fabrics to reproduce fireworks in the classrooms. We also watched a video of London during bonfire night and [...]

Halloween at Montessori Garden

Great Halloween Day at Montessori Garden Nursery! Children decorated the classroom with their Halloween paintings, pumpkins and spider webs. Some children came to school dressed up with very pretty Halloween Costumes! A very kind parent from Mexico came to the nursery to talk about the Day of the Dead in Mexico, when people make altars, [...]

We live on Planet Earth!

This term we are looking at an Exciting and Huge topic - the Planet Earth! Our term began with our curious minds studying the sphere and finding spheres in the classrooms, we found balls of all shapes and sizes and the Globe! Our talented and resourceful teachers helped the creative bunch find ways to make our [...]