Calendar Events and News

*Dear Parents, if you have not received the School’s Wall Calendar which includes the following dates, please let us know so we can give you a copy!


17 Dec Thurs: Children’s Winter Party

24 Dec Thurs: INSET School closed for children

25 Dec Fri: Bank Holiday School closed

28-31 Dec Mon-Thurs: School Winter Closure


01 Jan Fri: Bank Holiday School closed

04 Jan Mon: School Winter Closure

05 Jan Tue: First Day of School (after winter closure)

30 Jan Sat: OPEN DAY

05 Mar Fri: INSET Day (school closed)

18 Mar Thurs: Parents Social Evening

22-26 Mar Mon-Fri: Parent Teacher Chats

02 Apr Fri: Bank Holiday (Good Friday)

05 Apr Mon: Bank Holiday (Easter Monday)

03 May Mon: Bank Holiday

28 May Fri: INSET Day (school closed)

31 May Mon: Bank Holiday

05 June Sat: OPEN DAY

21-25 June Mon-Fri: Parent Teacher Chats

29 July Thurs: Parents Social Evening

23-27 Aug Mon-Fri: School Summer Closure

30 Aug Mon: Bank Holiday

31 Aug Tue: INSET Day (school closed)

01 Sept Wed: First day of school after Summer Closure

21 Oct Thurs: Parents Social Evening

22 Oct Fri: INSET Day (school closed)

13 Nov Sat: OPEN DAY

22-26 Nov Mon-Fri: Parent Teacher Chats

23 Dec Thurs: INSET Day (school closed)

24-31 Dec Fri-Fri: School Winter Closure


03 Jan Mon: Bank Holiday

04 Jan Tue: School Winter Closure

05 Jan Wed: First day of school after Winter Closure