Our admissions procedure is as follows:

A completed Admission Form with full Terms and Conditions and Questionnaire about your child is submitted with the registration fee of £50. This registration fee covers the expense of the application process and is not refundable. This first step places your child on the waiting list for admission.

  1. We will then arrange for a mutually convenient time for you and your child to visit the nursery school (if this is not already done).
  2. Once a place becomes available and prior to entry, the deposit will become payable to confirm your booking. On receipt of the deposit your child’s place is confirmed. In the event of a cancellation by you after a place has been accepted, the deposit will not be refunded, subject to normal contractual notice requirements for termination of your booking.
  3. A full first month’s fee must be deposited prior to the child commencing nursery.
  4. Notice of termination must be made in writing in accordance with the full Terms and Conditions.