Congratulations to Team MG for achieving 5 out of 5 Hygiene Rating!

Congratulations to Team MG for achieving 5 out of 5 Rating in all areas at our first Food Hygiene full inspection! We look forward to celebrating this important achievement. Keep up the outstanding work! Well Done Team MG for excelling at our surprise visit from the Camden Environmental Health on 21 March 2019, which conducted [...]

Congratulations on OFSTED full inspection results!

Congratulations to MG Team for achieving GOOD grading in all areas at our first ever Ofsted full inspection!  Some of the highlights in the report: “Staff show good teaching skills. They provide exciting learning opportunities that enthuse and motivate children” “There is a strong emphasis on children’s personal, social and emotional development.” “Children are happy [...]

Winter Charity Appeal 2017/18

This winter season we would like to help children around the world by joining ‘Citizens of the World’ initiative, which is independently run and project managed by the founders of our school. The focus for this winter is to collect donations to distribute to the children who attend the Murun Boarding School in rural Mongolia. [...]

We are growing beans! (April 2017)

The children planted their individuals beans and watched throw grow miraculously! They enjoyed caring for their seedling... ... and then it was time to plant their seedling carefully and gently into the dirt. We learnt that plants need roots to eat and drink from the soil and roots help the soil stay together. The children [...]

CHINESE NEW YEAR February 2017

One of our parents came into the nursery to talk about the story of the Chinese Zodiac, using special home-made props. The children then cooked VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS and played with a special Chinese tea set pretending to have tea. Later on we all did the Dragon Dance to the rhythm of Chinese music!


Party! Party! Party! Children celebrated the Italian Carnival making lovely masks and typical delicious Italian food called "Chiacchiere". In the afternoon a proper Carnival party went on!! Teachers and children dressed up in different costumes enjoying Italian music and dance!  

Christmas at Montessori Garden Nursery School

Our Christmas party kicked off with our Christmas tea tastefully prepared by our wonderful nutritionist putting fresh traditional roast on our tables. The children enjoyed helping to set up the table and the feast was entertained by traditional Christmas crackers. Our marvelous parents generously prepared dishes from their homes for everyone to share and enjoy [...]