Congratulations! Camden Local Authority Inspection Aug 2017

Congratulations to our fantastic team as a recent Camden Local Authority inspection was impressed with our level of service and had the following comments!  

Image result for camden local authority early years team

“All children are making good progress in their learning and development. They are independent, confident, articulate, individuals who are enthusiastic about learning, characteristics, which will effectively support them in their future readiness for school.”

“Children enjoy their time at the nursery. They part happily and settle quickly because staff are attentive of their arrival. They are very well behaved and staff effectively support children to learn how to resolve their conflicts. There is a strong sense of community as they share tasks such as laying the tables. They demonstrate genuine concern for each other as they help clear up each other’s mess. They learn about self-care as they pour their own drinks and wipe their nose in front of the mirror to ensure they do it successfully. The free flow environment means that children can have plenty of access to fresh air and outdoor learning.”

“The quality of teaching is good throughout the nursery; the environment is stimulating and resources freely accessible to all children. As a result, children are independent learners who explore, investigate and create using their own ideas. Staff interactions further their learning though thoughtful questions and shared experiences. For example, children watering plants were encouraged to think about the life cycle of plants. Children enjoy creating their own artwork using an array of different materials. They demonstrate good teamwork and problem solving skills as they construct a bridge that ‘doesn’t wobble’.”

Thank you to all our dedicated and passionate teachers and to Camden early years team for supporting us! Keep up the good work!