Our Qualified Staff

Montessori Garden Nursery School Kentish Town HIt takes great compassion, humility and enthusiasm to be a Montessori Garden professional and we take caution in carefully selecting applicants to ensure that not only their qualification is appropriate and they are suitable, but also that they subscribe to serving the children and their independence.

Our dedicated teachers form close partnerships with Parents through the key person system, which ensure regular flow of information and inclusion, both face-to-face and
via the child development booklets we share with our Parents.

Your child’s key person is named in your child’s individual booklet and ensures that your child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help your child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for your child and build a relationship with you, the Parents.

We are here to support our staff who care for your children by providing them with a rewarding career, regular training and opportunities for growth. A number of incentive programmes ensure highly trained and carefully selected staff are here to stay, forming a secure attachment and a safe base from which your child can explore, discover and overcome challenges. For careers information please contact info@montessorigarden.co.uk quoting ‘careers’ in the subject line.